Swiss cross-border workers benefit from the three-pillar system, the model of which is not far from our system. Focus on a diet that interests 265,000 French.

Old Age and Survivor Insurance

Old Age and Survivor Insurance

The AVS is the first pillar of the Swiss retirement match that can easily be equated with the French basic retirement. This scheme covers the loss of income upon the termination of employment and provides guarantees in the event of disability or death by the payment of annuities.

The pension depends on both the wages received and the number of years of contributions. It is paid at 65 for men and 64 for women.

The agreements between Switzerland and the countries of the European Union coordinate the different systems. If you have worked in a country other than Switzerland, you will receive a pension from the different states, each of which will be prorated according to your contributions. This is called a community retreat.

The employee contributes 50 %, the rest being paid by the company.

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Occupational benefits

The LPP is complementary to the old-age and survivors’ insurance. Unlike the AVS, it is a funded scheme that is imposed on all employees when they are over 17 years of age and have an annual income of at least 20 520 Swiss francs. The frontier worker, therefore, pays for himself and benefits from old-age, death and disability benefits.

The contribution is settled equally between the company and the employee. It supplements the benefits of the AVS and covers up to 60% of the last salary for a single person and 75% for a married couple.

Namely: the BVG is optional for the self-employed.

The third pillar

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As an optional individualized pension system, the 3rd pillar allows Swiss cross-border workers to benefit from particularly advantageous tax cuts. Two types of operations are proposed.

  1. The 3rd banking pillar
  2. The 3rd pillar insurance .

Contributions are tax deductible. But this interest is only valid if you pay your taxes in Switzerland.
Although the objective is to be a complement of retirement, the funds of the 3rd pillar can be released in specific situations like the end of the professional activity, the acquisition of his principal residence or the repurchase second pillar.

Calculation of the pension

Calculation of the pension

Calculating the amount of his retirement can quickly be a real headache for French workers who have spent several years abroad. The amount of the overall notional pension must first be determined and then prorated according to the years spent abroad and in France.

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